With trends in climate change and gender equality informing business decisions that are affecting the integration of the 2030 Agenda into corporate decision-making practices , we’re observing how inclusive technologies and socially conscious approaches to business and mindsets is shaping conversations this week in Davos and the coming year is likely to see technology focus on building greater trust to benefit society. And whilst there’s a notion that this may slow the rollout of some ideas and business models, there are views (and we believe it also) that it will lead to more lasting innovation that society actually supports.

We’ve always believed that innovative use of digital communication can help improve people’s lives and in sharing our insights at the #WEF on why we believe this can close the inequality gap and empower societies, this is truly taking advantage of the opportunity of enhancing ‘access’ to and through digital communication to support the most vulnerable’ and surely that must be good.

So it came as no surprise that our observation were echoed by Salesforce's Chief Innovation Officer Simon Mulcahy; Cyrus Hodes, Venture partner at FoundersX Ventures, Debra Barraud Journalist and Humans of Amsterdam blogger; Bani Dugal, Principal Representative to the UN, Bahá'í International Community and Ding CEO Mark Roden.