Dear people,

Since the day we have started this journey of developing a global solution for fundraising, I have asked myself before, what can we do to help as private company, but even more important, as a human.

What can we do immediately to help?!
Cause and effect taken, life is not as easy as I saw it when i was a child. How hard it is to face to see how our lives are being influenced by a drama when we grow older. When we loose a dear family member, a friend, a relation or people today because of deceases like cancer, or loosing people due tsunami, earthquake and oilleaks in the ocean or airplanes that are being shot down by missiles, we are all aware of the change of our global society. No place on earth seems to be a save haven.

But there is hope and faith. I am sure about this and therefore we see a great movement going on where we can make a better life for our children as they have to face the legacy even more. We must educate ourselves and each other with the limited amount of time and space we still have in this life to help.

We are therefore opening a technique, our care, our hands, our minds to serve NGO’s and Charity by delivering a simple way to make donations 24/7 with only making ONE call. It is of great need to help financially and as well to get in touch again with where live is asking for contact between the cause and effect of NGO’s and appealing of it in our lives. We can change the world by stepping in and communicate. Not only being online will help to communicate where there is an emergency need, but is every day a need to give. With ONE call you start donation and even be in touch where ever you are around the globe, you can be in touch with the person or organization you want to GIVE.

Global is a public and private engagement where we stand for finding a way to help out where we offer and provide the global society a solution. With ONE Voice, ONE Call, ONE World of Communication services that will bridge between donations and NGO’s and Charity Committees in order to move forward with new financial support though a global telecom and media network.

Please, have a look at our animation and we HOPE it can help you to make it easier to get a start with making revenues to your needs and to help others.

Feel free to contact us anytime, anyplace, anywhere and we will help you to activate this service.

Warmest regards,
Martijn van der Ven - Global Ambassador