Movement on the Ground (MOTG) will be the first pilot partner of Global Donation Services (GDS) per 19th of May, 2016. MOTG has received the first GDS number which is directly connected to the refugee(s) and staff members in the Camps on Lesvos and future camps and initiatives. By calling directly to the global service number you will talk to the people that has overcome this humanitarian crisis. You have a direct line to them who need help!

Call: + 248 264 7500 and talk, share, help and move on TOGETHER ! GDS is paying 75% of there income to MOTG. 25% are spend to cover costs to innovate the platform and cover the organization, human support, communication and developing cooperations.



September 2015 a few individuals started an initiative not to spend their holiday on Ibiza but instead help out as volunteers on the island of Lesvos.

After witnessing the lack of aid, hardships and dangers refugees had to face in their journey they decided to address this in Holland, in their network and through social media

Many were moved and inspired to also be of assistance to the Lesvos situation

Others were motivated by their example and more initiatives sprouted, causing a true movement in the aid landscape

After witnessing the impact and mobilization they had made in their homeland they decided to commit to the Lesvos situation, being the epicentre of the Migration crisis, they thought this was the place where they were most needed.

Because of their vast network of influentials and companies they were able to act fast and raise a lot of recourses, hardware and awareness for the Lesvos situation.

Having so much positive impact at short notice for so many people in distress made them decide to continue as an organization and therefore the

“Movement On The Ground “ Foundation was founded.

MOTG is a humanitarian taskforce that quickly responds to the needs of people that are forced to flee their homes due to climate change, poverty and war. The approach of MOTG is to assess, address and implement innovative solutions into a field that is desperately asking for it.

Secondly MOTG aims to empower local authorities, NGO’s or other beneficial initiatives dealing with humanitarian crisis situation by providing resources, hardware, manpower and intelligence.

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