Global Donation Services Team is attending this week with Albert van Gent and Martijn van der Ven, both Global Ambassador of GDS, part of

What is Humanitarian Networks & Partnerships Week?

HNPW provides a space for humanitarian networks and partnerships to hold their annual meetings and to get together to find ways to solve common problems.

Who is it for?

Some of the week’s meetings are by invitation only, but many are open for outside observers. Wednesday 8 February is an open-door problem-solving event for all experienced humanitarian responders, whether or not they belong to any of the participating networks.

Inter-Network Day

The doors are open to all humanitarian responders

Join us for a series of interactive sessions, each addressing a specific humanitarian challenge. Topics include:

Using Technologies for Importing Priority Simulation Exercise to Coordination Humanitarian Goods Improve Response

Why join Humanitarian Networks & Partnerships Week 2017?

In 2017, HNPW will be more interactive than ever.

This years’ event offers participants a unique opportunity to:

  • Network with crisis preparedness & response experts and develop new partnerships

  • Actively participate in a collaborative approach to resolving common challenges that hinder your work in the field

  • Become an active contributor to the Leading Edge Programme, a year-round collaboration platform that enables change in crisis preparedness and response

  • If you are member of a network or partnership, you will have the opportunity to discuss issues of concern beyond your network and work with other organizations and experts from all over the world

    How can one attend?

    You can visit the week’s programme and sign up through the HNPW website at