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How Global Donation Services works

  1. Receive a call to action for emergency appeal or fundraising event from the cause(s) you support
  2. Dial the phone number provided
  3. Agree to the call terms
  4. Immediately begin donating per minute you are on the call.
  5. Added donation options
    Make a further donation via the call center operator with your credit card
    Give away a caller-number and receive a gift
    Listen to information how your money is being spent for good causes
    Learn more about the cause, progress and the organization while on the call.
  6. Once you have donated the desired amount please end the the call.
  7. Thank you


  • EU - Amsterdam, Netherlands (HQ)
  • MEA – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • ASIA – Singapore, Singapore
  • South America– Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • North America – New York, United States

Global Partners